Ziv Schneider is an artist and designer working with new and emerging technologies, often in the context of non-fiction storytelling. She is an alumna, former research fellow and sometimes lecturer at NYU ITP. Her work has been showcased internationally in festivals and museums including IDFA Doc Lab, MIT, Sotheby's, Queens Museum, and Futurium Berlin. Residencies and fellowships include the Economist Media Lab, NYFA and Pioneer Works. Ziv is currently a Creative Technologist at The Brown Institute for Media Innovation.
The New Al Khaleil
In this project, we re-branded the palestinian Hebron (H1), a Palestinian city in constant struggle. This project revives the city under it’s Palestinian name: ‘The new Al-Khaleil’ and focuses on bringing investors to the city. Right along with the city branding, we designed an investors convention – ‘Investors Forum 2010′, that shows the investors how the city would look like under their investment. The Logo and language were drawn from Muslim traditional art, with a modern twist.

Designed at Shenkar, city branding course guided by Noy Naiman.Co-designed with Eido Gat .
Presented as guest speakers at the OkoRAUSCH festival in Cologne, Germany, 2011.
Winner of 2009 Wolda Talent awards.
Featured in Monocole magazine,
Samlil blog, FastCoDesign blog.

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