Ziv Schneider is an artist and designer working with new and emerging technologies, often in the context of non-fiction storytelling. She is an alum, former research fellow and sometimes lecturer at NYU ITP. Her work has been showcased internationally in festivals and museums including IDFA Doc Lab, MIT, Sotheby's, Queens Museum, and Futurium Berlin. Residencies and fellowships include the Economist Media Lab, NYFA and Pioneer Works. Ziv is currently a Creative Technologist at The Brown Institute for Media Innovation.

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My contribution to Asufa Design collective’s Passover Haggadah. The Haggadah is a story told on Passover night, passed on from one Jewish generation to another. Asufa gathered young Israeli graphic designers and illustrators. Each was assigned to give their interpretation to a single spread in the Haggadah. The result was the most vivid, colourful and original book, that gives a new edge on an old story. My spread shows the song "Dayenu". The song has a very simple structure that I wanted to point out with some criticism. The chart shows the fact that in the end there is only one answer. The song basically says that no matter what we are given, we should say our thanks and praise the lord.